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E - Aadhar Card Know the Status of your Aadhar Card

UIDAI or unique identification authority of India is a government agency. It aims to provide the residents of India a unique identification number that will eventually save you from fake dealers and fraud documents. 

UIDAI’s main objective was to provide permanent residents of India a unique 12 digit number that will enable you to get things done in lightening fast speed and save yours from unusual frauds and misuse of your important documents.  In fact, it is considered one of the biggest national identification number project, across the country.

So when we talk about the biggest identification project, we can't ignore the most important development it has just made. The UIDAI has just released its website that actually incorporates all the essential information, forms, downloads and rules, and regulations.

Therefore, if you’re too busy to visit their office, their website is another best option for now. Undoubtedly, the website is working amazingly well. There are hundreds of things you can do on UIDAI site, for example, you can fill in the registration request to get an appointment, download e Aadhar card and use it online, print out your Aadhar card and use it as an original document, make important changes on the card without going to their official place. 

In this tutorial, we’ll be discussing the procedure to check the status of your Aadhar card online. So if you've already registered for Aadhar card and you’ve got the receipt, you can definitely check the status of your card. Let’s follow the steps below:-  

Step by step instructions

Step 1 - Go to “Check Aadhar status”.

Step 2 - Fill in your 12 digit enrollment number in the given space. Remember, please enter the enrollment number that is provided on your registration slip.

Step 3 - Now put in your time of registration again, given on the slip. 

Step 4 - Now carefully enter the security details or the captcha.

Step 5 - And click on “Check status”. The web page appears to be something like this

Step 6 - If your card is under development it will saying “Under process” otherwise “will be delivered soon”. 

Please note: Check the status only if you don’t receive the identification card within 90 days from the registration date. The card will take maximum three months to generate. 


Aadhar card is not mandatory document to have, but possibly an important identification number that saves you from fraud dealers and misuse of your essential documents. Its online website has really helped residents to check their Aadhar’s status and take appointment according to your day schedule. 

With Aadhar card you can easily get your bank account open in one day and now it plays a vital role in the making of your passport. Indeed, UIDAI is one of the biggest national projects till now. What do you think!

For more Detail Refer to this and Check

Post by eaadharcarddetails (2017-01-30 04:43)

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